What  we  believe


Our Beliefs...

Like all people, we are flawed. We don't presume to have every answer, but we know that God does.
We have formed our belief statements based on the study of God's word and prayer.
As we continue to learn, we pray for wisdom and discernment, and that the Holy Spirit would reveal His truth to us.


We believe that God is the only sovereign, wise, and good Creator of all things, who reigns as King over all creation for His own glory.


We believe out of undeserved love and grace, God sent His only Son to save us from sin and reconcile us to Himself through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.


We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit living in every Christian from the moment of salvation, and empowering us for living, understanding spiritual truths, guiding us in doing what is right, and giving every believer spiritual gifts for ministry.


We believe human beings were made in God’s image to love and worship Him forever. But ever since Adam and Eve first rebelled against God, we have all been lost in sin, under God’s judgment, and unable to save ourselves.


Because we are helpless to heal our broken relationship, God graciously restores relationship with us through the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. God calls people to respond to his grace through faith, initially expressed in repentance, confession and baptism. We believe that salvation is a gift of God found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Scripture is the God-breathed story of His relationship with people since before the beginning of time. God uses the words in the Bible to inform and transform his people, shaping them into His image for His service.

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