We are a loving community of imperfect believers striving to reach Jackson, TN with the gracious message of Jesus Christ. We are an open-hearted, open-minded, and open-handed church; meaning we aim to be kind, discerning, and generous in everything we do. Our desire is to prayerfully discern and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of what is good and true. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission.

We have made it our mission to KNOW LOVE and BE LIGHT by embracing the extravagant dimensions of God’s love so that we may be filled with the fullness of God. In turn, we are sharing that love with the world as a light in the darkness, so that all will come to praise the Father (Eph. 3:17-19, Matt. 5:14-16).

Our Vision.

Our vision is for Campbell Street to be a GOSPEL-CENTERED and SPIRIT-LED church that provides a diverse and welcoming environment for TRANSFORMATION and HEALING in West Tennessee.

Our Core Values

Spiritual Gifts

by fostering diversity and unity, raising up leaders, promoting missional imagination, building up the Body of Christ, valuing every member and gift, and embodying the mission of God.

Inspiring Transformational Discipleship 

by engaging in biblical teaching and preaching, equipping God’s people for service, pursuing spiritual formation, seeking ministry team opportunities, actively disciplining others, participating in community engagement, and supporting global missions. 


by reaching the next generation, enriching multi-generational connections, developing loving relationships, practicing biblical hospitality, cultivating a safe and welcoming environment, and responding in worship.

Our Beliefs

Through a process of prayer and the study of Scripture, the Holy Spirit has convicted the elders and ministers of the Campbell Street Church of Christ to articulate our beliefs regarding matters of faith and practice. We are inviting you to walk with us as we continually pursue truth together. We understand that within any group of people there will always be differences in understanding, just as there were with Jesus’ disciples and the churches we read about in the New Testament. Knowing this, we are committed to loving and respecting all people, regardless of what they believe - just as Jesus did. We believe it is not only possible but necessary to have strong biblical convictions regarding truth and have unconditional, Christ-like love and compassion toward those who do not hold the same convictions. These relationships require humility and sacrifice, but we are called to pursue them. The unity of the Spirit is worth this hard work. We are grateful for the grace that God offers us, and we ask that you extend a measure of that grace to us and to each other as we walk this journey together.

As we journey together, we invite you to join us as we all seek to be continually transformed into the image of God. Through the course of our teaching and personal interactions, we will challenge one another in love to live lives more consistent with the teachings of Scripture, as best we understand them.


We believe that there is only one, eternal, sovereign God who exists in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that God created all things to proclaim His glory and declared it to be good. We believe that God the Father works to accomplish His will for all people. We believe that God loves us so much that He sent God the Son, Jesus, to live as a man and sacrifice himself in order to redeem us from sin. God now gifts us with the presence of God, the Holy Spirit, in order to continually guide us into an ever-growing relationship with all three persons of the Trinity. 


We believe all Scripture to be the authoritative and inerrant Word of God, given to us through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who now guides us in our understanding of who God is and how He works through Scripture. We believe the work of the Spirit is not limited to the written Word, however, the Spirit will never work in ways that contradict Himself or the Scripture He has inspired.


We believe all people are created in the image of God, are loved by God, and should therefore be loved, cared for, and respected by all of God’s people. All forms of abuse, slander, dehumanization, or oppression toward fellow humans are incompatible with the message of Jesus. We believe that all people are worthy of and in need of the good news of Jesus.


We believe God created us to be in a relationship with him and with each other. In our relationships with others, we believe how we engage people is just as critical as the other convictions we hold. We believe that in all our relationships we should lead with love. If we rightly interpret the Bible but do not have love then we have missed what Jesus said matters most. We believe personal and authentic relationships are the best way to help people find and follow Jesus. It is in the context of a loving, Spirit-led relationship with God that people begin to be transformed to be more like Jesus. 


We believe all people have sinned and that our sin separates us from God and only the grace of God can remove our sin. This grace is a gift from God, discovered through faith in Jesus. We believe faith is expressed by trusting in Jesus as both Lord and Savior, repenting from sin, confessing His name, and being baptized by immersion in water for the forgiveness of our sins to receive the indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe that through baptism we are united with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and are raised to new life in the Spirit.


We believe the Church is the family of God on earth and is empowered by the Holy Spirit to be a representation of God’s desire to bless all people. We believe the Church, through its collective body and its individual members, exists to be a witness of God’s presence and power in the world. We believe God is inviting all people to be part of His family. As members of God’s family, we support, encourage, and care for one another. We believe God desires that all Christians gather with a local church and actively participate in His ongoing mission of making disciples who in turn make other disciples.


We believe that Communion bears witness to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, reinforces the unity of believers, and anticipates Jesus’ Second Coming. In Communion, we follow Jesus’ example by sharing bread representing His body and the fruit of the vine representing His blood. By participating in Communion every week, we honor the sacrifice Jesus made to redeem us and bring us into a right relationship with Him.


We believe that worship is our heartfelt response to the glory, grace, and love of God. In worship, we praise God for who He is and thank Him for what He’s done and continues to do. We believe that worshiping  together is a priority and is vital for the spiritual health, mutual encouragement, and equipping of our church family. However, worship is not limited to a time or place but extends into all of life - what we have, what we do, and who we are should be offered to God as a living sacrifice.


We believe every member of the body of Christ has been uniquely equipped by the Holy Spirit with spiritual gifts. In the body of Christ, there are many members with different gifts. For the body to function properly, the members of the body must be faithful in exercising their gifts. One purpose of these gifts is to equip and empower every member to build up the body of Christ. God Himself gives each gift which makes every gift essential. The greatest gift is love, and without love spiritual gifts are nothing.


We believe a disciple is someone who is following Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, is committed to the mission of Jesus, and makes disciples of Jesus. Jesus is calling anyone who would be His disciple to deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Him. We believe disciples surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit in an ongoing transformation into the image of Jesus. The more we are transformed, the more evidence of the Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control will be seen in our everyday lives. In the same way, we believe this transformation will convict us of the things in our lives that are not of the Spirit.


We believe that a day is coming when Jesus will return and usher in the final judgment. We do not know when Jesus will come back, but we anticipate His return with great hope. We believe that everyone who is saved by Jesus will live eternally in the presence of God in Heaven. Those who reject Jesus as Lord and Savior will spend eternity separated from the presence of God in Hell. With these eternal realities in mind, we make every effort to live holy and godly lives as we help people to know God’s love and become disciples. 


We believe that singleness and marriage are both honored by God. We believe that those who are single as well as those who are married can participate in effective and dynamic ministry in God's kingdom. We believe that marriage is created and ordained by God to be a loving, lifelong, covenant between one man and one woman, modeled by the relationship that Jesus has with the Church. We believe that God created marriage to be an intimate relationship, and all expressions of sexual intimacy should be reserved exclusively for marriage.

Marriage requires hard work and poses unique challenges, but unfortunately sometimes ends in divorce. Divorced people are welcome at Campbell Street. Divorce is a tragedy that can be survived, moved beyond, and grown through. Divorce must be avoided by any means possible. When divorce happens, it should be faced courageously, grieved deeply, repented of (when needed), and learned from thoroughly, so healing can occur. We at Campbell Street want to be part of the healing process.

We believe it is the responsibility of the Church to encourage healthy relationships that promote loving one another in redemptive ways while treating each other with respect. For more about marriage, refer to Campbell Street’s Sanctity of Marriage document.


We believe that God created human beings as biologically male or biologically female. We believe that one’s gender is the same as their biological sex and is woven into their creation as a divine gift that God declared to be very good.

We believe God’s original plan for all sexual intimacy is a one-flesh marital union between a man and a woman and is never to be abused. We recognize that sexual attraction may not always be a conscious decision, but how a person acts on those feelings is always a choice. We believe that a person’s sexual attraction is not a sin, but lustful desire and sexual intimacy outside of a God-ordained marriage are sinful. We believe that God calls all of His people to a life of holiness - sexually and otherwise. Therefore, we believe it is the responsibility of every Christian to steward their sexual desires to be in obedience to God.


We believe Scripture teaches that men and women are equal in value and salvation. However, they have different responsibilities in the church. While we value the tremendous contributions of both men and women in various areas of ministry and service, we believe elders, deacons, and those who lead in worship should be the responsibility of the qualified men of the congregation.
We believe the interpretation and understanding of Scripture is an ongoing process of mutual discernment covered in prayer with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We never want to think we have arrived and we may need to change as we grow in God’s truth.

What to Expect

What Do I Wear?

Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! No matter what you wear, you will be welcome.
On any given Sunday you will find people wearing anything from shorts and t-shirts to suits and dresses. 

Where Do I Go?

There is Guest Parking on the north side of our campus, near the main entrance to the Worship Center. If you have any questions, the Welcome Desk in the Worship Center lobby is the place to go! There, our friendly Guest Experience Team will be more than happy to help you with any questions or needs you may have!

What About My Kids?

If you have kids attending  with you, we offer plenty of opportunities for them to get involved! We do ask that you check them in at a CStreet Kids Check-In station just off of the Worship Center lobby. You'll be given a pick-up sticker to come get them after class or worship.  A nursery is also available during all service times.

Worship Services

Every Sunday we gather together to worship God and experience His power and presence. During service we will sing, pray, read scripture, take Communion, and hear a relevant, biblical message. A typical service is 1.5 hours. Most Sundays, after Communion, we dismiss children  ages 2 years old through 3rd grade for Children’s Church.

Sunday Morning Bible Class
9:00 am

On Sunday mornings we have Bible classes for all ages. Adult classes meet in the Education Center on the east side of campus. Middle School and High School students meet in the LOFT  in the Family Life Center. Our children ages birth through 5th Grade meet in the CStreet Kids Wing, on the west side of campus, just off of the Worship Center lobby. 

Wednesday Night Bible Study
5:15 pm / 6:30 pm

On Wednesday nights, we meet for The Gathering in the Family Life Center Gym. We share a meal together, pray with one another, and engage in Bible Study Groups. We begin serving food at 5:15 pm and break for our Groups at 6:30 pm. Additionally, our students (7th-12th Grade) meet for Huddle Groups and our CStreet Kids have Bible Class.