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At Campbell Street, our goal is to glorify the name of Christ. In our worship, we strive to worship in both Spirit and truth by fostering an atmosphere that promotes freedom and sincerity. We emphasize participation and a sense of community in our services. We focus on these things in hopes to parter with the Spirit as we magnify Christ throughout our lives.

Worship Ministry

Each Sunday we encourage members at Campbell Street to serve during our Worship Service. There is an opportunity for people of all gifts to participate in some way. If you would like to volunteer during our worship services, CLICK HERE.
One particular opportunity to serve during Worship Services is through our Praise Team. Our services are all acappella, meaning we don't using instruments, but God has blessed us with wonderful members who are willing to assist in leading our congregation in worship. Our Praise Team - consisting of  Sopranos,  Altos,   Tenors, and  Basses - sing and practice with the Worship Leader and Media Team each week.
This empowers us to create a setting that is meaningful and moving. Singers are scheduled on a volunteer basis, and there is no audition. This ministry provides a great opportunity for singers to use their abilities and gifts to help people see Jesus during our services. If you are interested in joining the Campbell Street Praise Team, please view our Statement on worship below and get in contact with our Worship Minister by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

What is Worship?

"...offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship." - Romans 12:1


Most people think that worship is what happens on Sunday mornings in a church building, but worship is so much more than that. Christ calls us to live lives of worship.  He desires that we use all of our time and resources to bring honor to His name. 


Worship is emotional, and that's ok. Everyone expresses their passion for worship in different ways. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you find yourself in tears at the majesty of Jesus, or keeping composed and just basking in His glorious presence.


Worship provides us direction for our lives. Most christian experiences begin by observing or participating in worship. This is because worship of God is integral in a Christian's life; it is our response to the glory and grace of the God who loves us beyond measure.  


Worship evokes creativity. At His very core, God is a Creator. As reflections of God, He has made us creators too. Everyone has a gift they can use to worship. It may not be one that can be seen or heard by others, but it is nonetheless a powerful tool you've been given to use to the glory of God.

Use Your Gifts

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