Hold On

by Bryan Britt

As humans, we have a need for physical contact; a handshake, A pat on the back, a hug… The list could go on. Physical contact makes us feel loved, appreciated, and safe. When Nathan was a baby we all got in the habit of asking, “Would you like me to hold you?” or “ Do you want me to hold you?“ when he was able to walk and talk and needed comforting, he would come to us, throw his hands in the air and say, “Hold you! Hold you!” It was sweet and cute to witness. He needed to be held, comforted, snuggled. It didn’t matter if it was Jenna, Abby, or me that he came too. He just knew that he wanted and needed that physical touch. In this crazy time of social distancing, I miss touch. I miss people. Yes, I even miss God. I miss seeing Him on people’s faces and in their eyes, their smiles, and their hearts. At the same time, I love seeing people’s faith in action, their kindness, and their support of each other during this crazy time.

Scriptures often talk about embracing; the wrapping of arms around others. This shows safety, love, forgiveness.

Mark 10:16- “ And He took the children in His arms, placed His hands on them and bless them.“

Genesis 33- Shows Esau running, throwing his arms around Jacob‘s neck and weeping

Genesis 45 & 46- So Joseph embracing his brother Benjamin and later his father Jacob and weeping

Isaiah 40- He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart

Luke 15:20- But while he was still a long way off his father saw him and was filled with
compassion. He ran to him, threw his arms around him, and kissed him.

Maybe during this crazy, terrifying pandemic it will help us throw up our arms, run to Jesus, and cry “Hold you! Hold you!” Because nothing feels better than to be safe in the arms of Jesus!

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