by Robert Groves

I don’t do well in isolation. I am an extreme extrovert and I need to be around people to recharge my batteries. The idea of “social distancing” and “self-quarantine” are not my cup of tea. In creation when God created Adam, He said, “It is not good for man to be alone” (Gen 2:18). It is my prayer that this crisis ends quickly and we can all resume our normal lives. My thought in all of this is that God has a plan. He has a plan for me and my family as well as you and your family.

Repeatedly in the scripture, God chose to reveal himself to isolated people. It was not until Moses was alone on Sinai that God showed him His glory and instructed him in the Law. Inside the tabernacle and the temple, only the lone high priest was allowed to go into the Most Holy Place where God dwelled. John was exiled on the island of Patmos and God chose that situation to show him the visions recorded in Revelation. Jesus himself often sought isolation to commune with the Father in both the wilderness and the garden. Instead of running from isolation in this season, I am challenging myself to use this time to seek God’s plan for me and I hope you will too.

God bless you, stay home, and wash your hands.

- Robert Groves

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